Kids Birthday Party Themes – Ideas and Tips for Great Parties

This post we are going to talk all about kids birthday parties, and how to make them be every bit as successful as you want them to be.

Having been involved in the organisation of themed birthday events over many years, we have seen several trends that re occur in successful parties.

The first key element if you want your event to turn out the way you plan is exactly that – planning. Decide on a theme early on, and send those kids party invitations out as early as reasonably possible.

Doing this early is a good idea for several reasons. The first is to give your intended guests as much time as possible to respond, and allow them to RSVP as to whether they will be attending or not.

Another reason is closer to home – to give you, the party planner, time to get everything happening.

Choosing a theme is the first element. If you do this before sending the kids invitations out you can use them to clearly communicate your theme and the level of attendee involvement. It might be that you are planning a costume party, in which case the attendees need to know to turn up in costume. It might be an event based party, such as a soccer or BMX themed party – needing themed supplies activities and costumes or gear to match – so the kids might need to bring gear or turn up at a venue that caters to these sports.

The next thing you need to do, once the invitations have been sent and the venue and activities have been organised, is to think about decorations and party food. If your birthday party is being held at home or at an event venue, either way you still need to make it look and feel like a party!

A good place to start with decorations is a nice big kids birthday banner that says happy birthday. These can be bought online from a number of venues and often customised to the occasion, with personalised wording and themed perfectly.

In a similar vein, do give thought to a cake topper and decorations. If it’s a younger child you can sometimes get away with a cheap version purchased from your local supermarket but if you are going to the effort and expense of holding a really nice, planned party at a venue then this can send the wrong signals. Laser cut cake toppers are perfect for this. Easy to use, and they look great. For example if you are going to hold a BMX themed party, then a BMX cake topper is the way to go.  Similarly, for a soccer party, why not get a personalised soccer cake decoration with your childs name on it, looking great with a stylised soccer ball.

Whichever way you decide to go, don’t settle for mediocre. You only get one chance to hold a birthday party, so make it the best it can be!

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